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Best WordPress Web Hosting Services

Latest Update: November, 2014

I just moved this site to a  Westhost Business Account and consolidated 4 of my other sites with their excellent Live Chat support assistance.  I also had a student who’d gotten conned into using Network Solutions and found herself in the “WordPress Hosting from Hell” situation. Not only did she discover in my class that her WordPress installation was crippled, limiting what features she could and couldn’t use, but Network Solutions had a server crash that brought down her whole site. When contacted they appeared unconcerned and, in fact, stated that the site might be down for as much as 2 weeks! Following my suggestion, she grabbed a Westhost account on sale and they not only walked her through moving her site, they moved it for her for free! She’s been thrilled with the ongoing customer support for her questions and the rise in traffic to her up-to-date site.

Wanted to also report that I’ve had some very nice service from Bluehost lately, despite concerns about their size, though I’m a little concerned about their recent shift towards more managed hosting services.

Quick Update: August, 2013: Pulling Dreamhost from my recommendations due to an ongoing series of problems with their server downtime, support, and access issues.

Best WordPress Web Hosting Services in a Nutshell

For those in a big hurry to get to the meat

My Current Short List of Recommended WordPress Web Hosting Services

  • Standard DIY Shared Hosting Service #1 (smaller, UK-based): Westhost
  • Standard DIY Shared Hosting Service #2 (larger, US-based): Bluehost
  • Standard DIY Shared Green Hosting Service: FatCow
  • Cloud Hosting: VPS.NET

Now for those who want more information (and some idea what some of those terms mean), please keep reading.

For tips on choosing the right web hosting service for you and your organization, check out my guidelines at the end of the post.

Disclosure: I will also let you know that, except from the web design firm of Insideout Solutions and Synthesis Managed Web Hosting, I do receive a referral fee when you click through on my links and buy service. However, I never make my recommendations based on who pays the most (which is why you will never see me recommend GoDaddy no matter how much they offer in referral fees (and they offer a lot) because GoDaddy is just evil to their suckers customers). There are a lot of people who aggressively promote companies that offer them up to US$150 to push products or services. As I said, I only recommend businesses and services that I have actually worked with or am currently using to my satisfaction.


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