Acutually, this for planning online and traditional small business marketing. You really need to integrate your small business marketing efforts for maximum effect.

What will it take to have “job security” in the future?

Here’s a terrific Op-Ed by Thomas L. Friedman about what has changed in the New Economy and the skills needed to feel financially secure in this New Economy. It’s not the skills you probably think. And he does an excellently job explaining what we need to do to make our educational system prepare our kids for this economic shift. Take 5 minutes and feel a bit more optimistic:

4 Quick Guides to Help You Plan Your Marketing

I’ve also been creating some new material for my presentations and classes. Click on the links below to download them.

Marketing Budget Worksheet (PDF Format)

Marketing Budget Worksheet (Excel-compatible)

Target Audience Profile Worksheet(PDF format)

Download Marketing Resources Hand Out in PDF format

And here’s the PDF version of the 30-minute presentation I give to the Peninsula College Entrepreneur Institute Business Plan Intensive class (feel free to contact me if you have a class or organization that might be interested in a presentation):

Click here to download the essential-web-mrktg-30min.pdf

I’ve got to run for now, but I hope these prove useful.

p.s. The No BS Guide won’t be posted for long so get it while you can! Sorry it’s gone. Check back for the updated version summer 2010.