How to create a non-blog style, Home (Front) Page in WordPress using the just the default WordPress 3.5 Twenty Twelve theme (but the concept works with many themes).

Steps to Creating Your Home (Front) Page

  1. Create a new Page for listing your posts.You may call this Blog, Updates, whatever you wish, but it will be the page that lists in a blog-style. Give it a Title, but leave the content blank. Use the default Page template. Publish it.
  2. Create a new Page for your Front (Home) Page.Again you may call this what you wish, but we tend to think of it as our Home Page. However, the title of the Page will most likely appear on the Page, so I suggest that you call it whatever you want to be the first heading. For example, instead titling it Home, I might title it “Online Training to Get Your Marketing in Shape” because that’s the headline that will appear at the top of my content.Add the content that you want to appear on the Front/Home Page.Now here’s the critical part if you want to get rid of the sidebar on your Front/Home Page, choose the Full-Page Width, No Sidebar (if you are using Twenty Twelve) (if you are using a different theme, there needs to be a template that is structured the way you want it to appear, such as full-page width without a sidebar).If you want the sidebar on your Front/Home Page, leave the template set to Default Template.

    Now Publish.

  3. Go to your WordPress Administration>Settings >Reading and make the following changes:

    a. Front Page Display should be set at A Static Page.

    b. Now select your new Front (Home) Page from the Front Page drop-down list.

    c. Now select you new “Blog” (posts listing) Page from the Blog Page drop-down list.

    d. Now Save Changes.



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