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You’ve got a problem. You want to reach your target audience, but you want to avoid wasting your time and your money with your website and online marketing. You also want solutions that you will actually implement and use. Good.

You don’t want to make my mistakes. Believe me, they are expensive mistakes.

I owned a retail store once. It started strong, landing in the top 45% in gross sales in it’s industry the first year. Unfortunately, that first year coincided with the massive shift in online shopping and marketing, and while I knew I should be making the move to reaching customers outside my physical area (I already had some of those loyal mail order customers) I was too lost in the daily operation of the business to heed my alarm bells. I ended up with $100,000 in debt and a cynical attitude towards humanity. It took over 4 years to clear up the debt — and the cynicism.

That’s why I started consulting and teaching online marketing, social media strategies and WordPress classes to small business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, artists and non-profits. I help people (and organizations) take full advantage of the opportunities, and requirements, to reach your audience today.

Many business owners, creative artists and nonprofit executives feel overwhelmed by all the technology and conflicting, changing information. Where to begin? What’s really important? What gets results today? How much do I have spend? And what techniques fit my personal style and brand? How do I stop running after the latest “sure-fire” trick and actually start getting results?

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