What People Say

Comments from Class Evaluations

“Carolyn is an above & beyond instructor…full of passion & inspiration for the subject matter. I very much appreciated her instruction & course material!!! ”
— Ann P.

“Way beyond expectations! Good stories and examples to illustrate concepts. Very organized and clear. More classes by Carolyn!”
— Eric

“I honestly think this class is great!”
— Kashi

“This class was so awesome that my head almost exploded.”
— Dave

“Carolyn is an amazing resource!”
— Mary B.

“Pay Carolyn more. I don’t know what she’s paid, but I’m sure she is worth more.”
— Paul R.

“She’s awesome — a fountain of information, ultra giving (sic)…”
— Soo

“Great class — enjoyed very much”
— Michael J.

“Carolyn is outstanding as you have probably heard repeatedly.”
— Jessica S.

“Best class I have ever taken!”
— Faith

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