Isolation Is the Dream-killer, Not Your Rotten Attitude

If you can’t take the 18 minutes to watch Barbara Sher’s TedxPrague talk, at least take 2-3 minutes to read the summary of her Success Team concept and learn how to make your dreams come true. (Not kidding. Not metaphysical hooey. Based on the value of connections.)

Why You Need Enough Sleep (In 18 Minutes or Less)

You probably aren’t getting enough sleep, or getting enough good sleep. I know I wasn’t — and still struggle at times to get enough. In my twenties and early thirties, I bragged about sleeping only 5 hours a night and about the times I’d abuse my...
A Very Brief History of Fanzines

A Very Brief History of Fanzines

First, apologies for the production quality. (Curse you, Apple developers! You haven’t fixed the audio syncing problem with exporting a Keynote slideshow to video since 2003!) However, I have also created a PDF download (below) for reading. And yes, there are...

5 Ways to Be Productive When Your Brain Says “No!”

Some times my brain rebels. It merely wraps itself in a fluffy blanket and says “I’m taking a break.” A common problem during the long, grey days of winter when my brain gets lost in the fog after only an hour or two of work. Therefore, I feel the need to get things...
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