Exciting Changes Coming, Patience Asked

There’s been a move of our site, ourselves and our focus. So please bear with us as we get everything back in place. Lots of new information and resources are coming by the end of the year!
Best WordPress Web Hosting Services

Best WordPress Web Hosting Services

As you can see the content is a bit out of date, so check out my 2018 Recommended Web Hosting Reviews!  Latest Update: November, 2015I’ve had a number of guys attempt to leave hateful comments and small rants about both Bluehost and Fat Cow recently. The ones...

Beginner’s Guide to WordPress 101

Updated: 2014 [Note: I haven’t updated the video guide to the latest version. Much of the material applies but there are some subtle differences. I will be working on updating the videos soon.] Rather than create a print version of my Beginner’s Guide to...
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