Hobbes, the Great Blue Heron, posing in the University of Texas Marine Science Wetlands Center pond.

Not certain which is more wonderful: Hobbes, the Great Blue Heron posing, or the fact that Hobbes was rehabilitated by the Animal Rehabilitation Keep of Port Aransas, Texas after losing a foot.


BBC’s Travel  Section has collect a set of 50 amazing photographs and quotes from travelers explaining why they Love the World. It’s a great pick-me up for those days when the snow or the  rain or traffic or mowing the lawn starts getting you down (Hint: you can always get rid of the lawn and do everyone a favor). There’s also a fun quiz to determine what kind of traveler you are.

The only downside to this site is the Editorial Warning:

Editor’s note: aspects of the feature aren’t supported in IE9 and earlier, or on iPads using Safari.

(See, Apple? This is why I’m no longer an avid evangelist. Please return to focusing on optimizing the user-experience, not counting the pennies in your vault like Scrooge McDuck. Greed kills.)

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