I received an email recently with a request for help that is fairly common.

Hi there,
I have been asked to update a photo on one of the partners blog pages but I’m not able to remove the old photo and replace it with the new photo on his own home page. I think the old photo is ccs tag and the new would be jpeg. I have tried to change it under the side heading of Apperance, Widgets, About me – but I’m not sure if I’m in the right area, wondering can you help me?

If you are trying to change an element or attribute and the changes aren’t taking effect, chances are very good you are changing the wrong thing and need to change a specific CSS style element. How can you find out what you really need to change? Fortunately, modern browsers are here to help. I use Chrome or Safari to track down specific CSS elements (that is, which ID or .class) I need to change. I’ve created a brief video to show you how I can do this.


Once you know what you need to change, things go much more quickly and smoothly.

FYI, if your WordPress theme has lots of tables used to control the layout, it’s horribly out of date and looks just awful on a lot of mobile devices. Think about upgrading to one of the new WordPress commercial themes or frameworks that allow you to make customization changes in the WordPress administration. They are an extremely cost-effective investment in reducing wasted time and risk of theme hacking.



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