Let’s Take Just a Moment to Reflect.

On what we want.

On where we are.

On where we are headed as the New Year approaches.

(Wasn’t it just New Year’s Day? What happened to the year?)

For me, the madness has already begun. (Did it ever stop?) It’s Internet Marketer Webinar Season. Each of them wants to show me how I can grow my income “from 6 figures to 7, 8, or even 9.” I’m assuming there’s a decimal point involved, like $10 to $10.0000001.

For a mere $1,997 or $1,497 or $997 or 3 payments of $397 (Apparently, “97” is the magic number.), my problems can be solved and success will be mine. I can become a “bestselling author” in a weekend, a “successful influencer” on social media, and a “top coach” earning thousands of dollars an hour while providing a “meaningful contribution to the world.”

I think we would all like to make a meaningful contribution to the world. And most of us would like to know people are listening to what we say. Plus I’m pretty certain most of us believe life would be a lot easier if we had more money in our bank accounts. But I don’t believe we should, let alone must, march down the same path to reach our destination.

Heck, I pretty certain we don’t all have the same destinations.

So in my own effort to make a meaningful contribution, I’m going to provide some simple actions we can take during the holiday season (and the run-up to those New Year’s Resolutions) towards a better new year.

Simple Action #1: Observe

During this holiday season, take a moment throughout out each day to observe yourself and your reactions to what you are doing.

What’s happening? How are you feeling about it? Does holiday shopping give you a buzz or are you clenched in frustration and stress? Is it the crowd of people? Do you worry about the financial hit or take delight in finding exactly the right gift, damn the costs?

What about holiday cooking and baking? Hate it? Love it? What’s causing that reaction? Do you like the physical act of making something? Is it a creative act for you? (I am constitutionally unable to follow a recipe precisely.)

What about the packaging and wrapping? Do you lovingly outdo Martha Stewart or do you use the wrapping services at the store? Or do you avoid all of this by purchasing digital gift cards from Amazon and have them delivered by email?

Do get-togethers and parties ignite you or drain you? Or are you energized at the party but need a long spell of privacy to recharge your batteries for the next event? What energizes you at the party? Being the center of attention or watching everyone’s behavior like Jane Goodall observing the chimps? Or is it getting and bouncing ideas off of others?

Do Facebook and social media bring you joy in sharing in the lives of others? Or does it stress and depress you as one more task and obligation to people who appear to live a much happier, more successful, and richer life than you?

And if you aren’t introspective but just experience the moment, just observe what experiences you like and what you choose, or try, to avoid.

(Slightly Less) Simple Action # 2: Make a note of your observations.

(I was going to say “write it down” but that would show my age.) I don’t care how you do it — dictate a  note on your phone, type a note in your Evernote, write it in a journal, make a post — but record your observations someplace where you can go back to them.

That’s it for now. You don’t need to do anything with them — at the moment. We just want to be aware of what we are actually experiencing in our lives.

Let me know if you are committing to this or what you are observing in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

p.s. I’m working on a new project that I’ll be sharing closer to the New Year and your comments and response will help me shape it to better meet your needs. Thanks!



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