I’ve begun teaching a course for the Peninsula College Entrepreneur Institute titled “Intro to Web 2.0.” Beginning with a general definition of Web 2.0 and contrasting it with the approach of Web 1.0 marketing, the class will proceed quickly to explore the impact and implications of Web 2.0 on businesses in general and specific industries in particular. We will look at the opportunities and best practices for effective use of social networks, blogging, forums, aggregators like craigslist, AdSense, AdWords, pay-per-click and online income sources; modern and cost-effective web site development using  2.0-based applications; use of analytical tools such as Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics for assessing results and ROI; and evaluating the best aspects to incorporate in specific marketing plan models. Hands-on opportunities as well as out-of-class assignments will be included. The course outline is at the bottom of this page.

Here is a list of presentation material and documentation for the class. To download or go to the link, click on the listing:

Intro to Web 2.0 Slideshow on the Web

Intro to Web 2.0 Slideshow in PDF format

(We’re working on something fabulous for 2009, so check back, please.)

The second class will focus on blogging, so here’s Beginner’s Guide to WordPress 2.6 Posting — my Quick-start Tutorial on using WordPress (without the blogroll/link information).

Flowchart of Traditional Client-Side Web Development in PDF file format
Flowchart of Traditional Client-Side Web Development in Flash format

Recommended Reading:

These are some books on some of the topics covered for further information. By all means purchase them from your local independent bookstore (on the Olympic Peninsula, order through  Port Book and News or Odyssey, please. We want to keep them). But if you feel compelled to order them from Amazon, please use the links below.

Long Tail, The, Revised and Updated Edition: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More
by Chris Anderson
The economics of the niche (also called the Economics of Abundance) as made possible by the Internet.

Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why it Matters
by Bill Tancer
What measuring online use in a Web 2.0 world and what the unexpected insights mean both economically, culturally and socially. My only caveat is that it turns out his company only measures computer access and in an age of increasing alternate access, his results should be starting to skew.

Web Analytics: An Hour a Day
(plus his blog) by Avinash Kaushik
This is for people who are seriously interested in online marketing and search engine marketing. It’s all about deciphering what the numbers are telling you and making plans based on those numbers.

Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies
by Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff
Targeting business managers wrestling with the issues of Web 2.0 and the loss of control, this book provides case studies and solid recommendations built on the fundamental question “what’s your goal?” A bit dry in reading, but extremely solid business research.

Crowdsourcing: Why the Power of the Crowd Is Driving the Future of Business
by Jeff Howe
Similar to Groundswell but with a slant towards how entrepreneurs (corporations with entrepreneurial instincts) are using new Web 2.0 models to to support or develop a business. And the author has a great blog and video podcast for Small Business at: http://www.wired.com/wiredsmallbizprogram/

Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions
by Tim Ash
By one of the developers of SiteTuners.com who are one of the leading web analytics and site optimization services. If you are looking for ways to improve you web site ROI and analytics, this book is an excellent starting place. It’s designed for business people, not just geeks, although it does get into some details on web analytics.

Course Outline for Introduction to Web 2.0

Class 1 (3-hours)    Intro: What’s Web 2.0 & What’s the Difference from 1.0?

  • Dynamic Content: not a stack of printed papers but an etch-a-sketch
  • Media Integration
  • Social Networking/Connecting
  • Multiple Accessibility
  • User-generated Content

Marketing 20th Century vs. 21st Century

  • Bestsellers vs. The Long Tail:
Mass Market and Long Tail Economics defined with the implications for the entrepreneur
  • Crowdsourcing:
  • Swains Has Everything and Amazon Has Everything Else:
Looking at the implications & opportunities in the new distribution, communication & marketing model(s) including the impact of rising fuel prices
  • To Market, To Market, to Buy a Fat Pig — On Craigslist:
Touching on a few options for marketing to a wider audience even without your own web site (e.g., eBay, Craigslist, Amazon and Affiliate Sales)
  • The Very Loud Mouth vs. The World Wide Word-of-Mouth:
How & why mass media is no longer king and how global word-of-mouth affects various industries

Letting Go: Even China Can’t Control Communication

  • The Tahoe Tale:
How Chevy got its groove back by ignoring its marketing and legal department and the lesson for the rest of us
  • Planning a trip? Forget AAA — how Trip Advisor changed the travel industry
  • The World’s Largest Totally-Free Focus Group:
How smart businesses respond and use the chaos of online perception and marketing

Assignment 1: Researching the current online presence for the student’s business or  a competitor and at least 5 possible ways the business can take advantage of the Web 2.0 to improve finding and reaching its target audience

Class 2 (3-hours)    Assignment Reports

Web Sites 2.0: CMS, Blogs, Forums, Social Networking Services

Drivers, Start Your Blog: Hands-on site development, content creation & editing using WordPress

Assignment 2: Using the example WordPress site, create two posts and comments for a product, business or organization

Class 3 (3-hours)      Reviewing & Assessing the Assignment

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Promotion

  • SEO reality —Google’s Search Guru, Matt Cutts, Tells All
  • Search Engine Marketing — AdWords, Pay Per Click, Link Exchange and the rest
  • Additional promotional avenues for consideration

Assessing Your Success:  Remember, It’s Not About the Hits

  • AwStats, Webalizer, Google Analytics & Web Master Tools
  • Bounce rates & how to analyze and interpret your site statistics

Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan: Tips on Budgeting & Techniques

Class Evaluation

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