Just thought I’d pass along a handy little web page for those times when you want to resize an image and maintain the proportions, but don’t have time for the math.

From time to time, I’m trying to fit an image on a web page and know that I have only X amount of space. For example, I know a space on the web page is 380 pixels wide and 118 pixels high. Unfortunately, the image is 452 pixels high, so I need to resize it in the html to a height of 118 pixels. But how wide will it be?

That’s when I just go to Jennifer’s handy, dandy online Proportional Calculator, bunch in the numbers and let it do the math.

Oh, and if you find this a useful as I do, consider a small tip for her efforts. It’s good karma — and smart business to keep encouraging talented programmers and designers to offer their work for the price of a latte!

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