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Coaching & Consulting


Feeling a bit overwhelmed or confused? Uncertain of your strategy or even what to do next? Attended 21 webinars in two weeks (I did!) and are paralyzed by too many “guaranteed” options? Feeling lost and frustrated as you try to grow your target audience and increase your income? I can provide clarification, solutions, recommendations, or even a complete plan of actionable, doable steps. Some of the questions I’ve answered recently include:


  • I’m launching a new business. What exactly do I need to do to promote it online — and what do I do first?
  • I keep forgetting how to update my special projects gallery. (I created a custom, private, password protected video the client could review as needed.)
  • How can I improve visitor response on my site? (It turned out the client needed a few simple changes — like the addition of a couple of Calls to Action, include the right keywords and re-focusing content — to increase response (and sales) by over 100% in the first month.)
  • How do I make a 7-figure passive income in 30-days with no skills and only working 4-hours a week from a beach in Bali? Dearheart, no one has the answer to this question. And I wouldn’t even try. If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, you’re in the wrong place.


The Essential Coaching Package includes:

  • An in-depth questionnaire so I can know you and your specific goals, and help you achieve some clarification and direction;
  • One 60-minute session via Skype or phone each month to hear your progress, successes, and any roadblocks you have encountered, then help you design and prioritize an action plan to get past the obstacles;
  • A follow-up email summarize our discussion and including at least 4 action steps for you before our next verbal conversation;
  • A weekly email check-in on your progress on your action plan, answers to any questions you may have had, and recommendations for your business or personal development.


The Essential Coaching Package is Perfect for You —


if you feel stuck, frustrated, lost, or lack support for your efforts to achieve personal success and independence and are ready to make some changes and take action. Progress requires change. To achieve success, you must take action. So to get the most out of time together, you must commit to three months and come prepared to work hard, complete all of the action steps, and embrace the necessary changes in your business (and yourself).


The Essential Coaching Package — $850/month (3-month minimum)


Training, Classes, and Workshops


I can create customized, private-label classes or workshops for you or your organization. For example, I produced a three-session series for the North Olympic Peninsula Builders Association covering the essentials of marketing in a tough construction economy and a custom workshop on web marketing essentials for the Sequim Farmer’s Market vendors. I can also create customized training and tutorial materials on WordPress, web promotion and other entrepreneurial subjects. These usually incorporate video, printed instructions, resource lists, and worksheets.


Book Me! Public Speaking and Seminars


Event planners and organizations are having to deliver more value to attendees on ever-tightening budgets. Vision is nice, but practical, actionable steps and solutions truly please your crowd. I provide targeted, valuable, information-packed presentations that have your audience scribbling notes and heading home saying “I can’t wait to try that out as soon as I get back!” I help you make a lasting impression, increasing your word of mouth and enhancing your reputation as a must-go event. Attendees return year after year to events that energize and create success. Let me help electrify your next event with a dynamic, productive presentation designed specifically for your audience. The first step is contacting me with your question(s).

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